Carrot pudding, an indian sweet delicacy

|| Gazar ka Halwa, an indian sweet delicacy ||

An old post from winters, the first gazar ka halwa (Indian Carrot sweet delicacy) of the season. My son calls it orange halwa 🙂 I use a very simple recipe from my mother’s kitchen – without condensed milk and too much clarified butter (ghee)

Indian desserts can be a high calorie food with high saturated fats if you use too much clarified butter and condensed milk, I only used 2 teaspoon of clarified butter! Also I’ve made modifications to make it as healthy as it can be using skim milk and less ghee.


▪ 1.5 kg carrot
▪ 1.5 kg milk (I use skim milk)
▪ 2 teaspoon ghee/clarified butter
▪ 12 tea spoon sugar (this is what I use, it gives kind of perfect sweetness to us, just use the ratio or 2 tea spoon sugar/cup. 1.5 lts milk is almost 6 cups, rest of the sweetness comes from carrot
▪ Raisins and almonds as per taste. I use 10-12 almonds (soaked in water and randomly cut) and fistful of raisins!


▪ Peel and grate the carrots.
▪ Now put it in pressure cooker without the whistle for about 8 minutes on medium to low flame. Do not put any water in there as carrot already has moisture in it. This tip comes from my mother in law and is extremely helpful! 🙂
▪ Steaming carrots reduces the cooking time little bit.FB_IMG_1430255463310
▪ In a heavy bottom pan, take half the ghee and roast carrot for few minutes.
▪ Then add milk and mix continuously on high flame till the boil comes.
▪ Now reduce the flame to minimum and let it be for about an hour, stirring couple of times in between.
▪ Once the milk gets evaporated, add sugar, increase the flame and mix continuously for 10 minutes or so. You should get a nice colour now.
▪ Once there is no moisture, add half the raisins and almonds and rest of the clarified butter.
▪ Keep mixing on high flame, you will get a nice colour to the halwa.
▪ Mix for about 5-10 minutes. Garnish with rest of the raisins and almonds and it’s ready!

Lot of people use cardomom, kesar (saffron), malai (cream)in the last step, which I don’t because we just like this simple flavor of carrots. In case you are fond of, it can be added in the last step after adding ghee.

Enjoy! ♡

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