Kale cauliflower tofu flat bread

|| Kale cauliflower tofu flat bread (paratha)||


We love spinach and paneer paratha so I decided to explore more options and discovered Kale, which you get easily here in US. I think it’s called Karam saag in hindi, this is what Google says.

Nutritional Value

Kale is Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin b6 and Vitamin K (Vitamin K can help protect against various cancers). It has antioxidants and is a great anti-inflammatory and is also good for cardiovascular support.

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables as recommended by WHO. It has low glycemic index and is a low cal food.

Cauliflower, we all know is a low cal food and good in vitamin C, K, B6 and is a high fibre food.

Tofu is also a low cal gluten free food made from soya and is excellent source of protien, iron and calcium.

# if you are looking for gluten free diet, you could use Multigrain flour without wheat or mix various flours excluding wheat.

The process is very simple if you have been making parathas.



▪ 1/2 bunch Kale (8-10 leaves)
▪ 4-5 florets of cauliflower
▪ 1/2 cup tofu
▪ Salt/peper to taste
▪ 2 tea spoon Finely chopped green chillies
▪ Oil or pil spray
▪ Multigrain flour/whole wheat flour/gluten free flour


For the Dough

▪ Take the flour of your choice. All little salt and 1tea spoon of oil and mix by hands or dough maker.
▪ Knead the flour with cold water
▪ Allow it to rest for 30 minutes or so. Dough should neither be too soft nor too hard.

For the stuffing

▪ Finely chop kale and cauliflower. I prefer using foor processor.
▪ Mix well and add shredded tofu and season with salt and pepper.
▪ You could add more spices like red chilli powder etc but I simply like with salt and pepper because that gives the flavour of vegetables better.
▪ You could add green chillies.


▪ Take a small ball and roll out approx 4″ in diameter thinning out the edges.
▪ Keep two spoon of filling in centre and seal the edges. Dust with dry flour and roll out to a medium thin circle again, about 8″ in diameter
▪ Heat a pan/skillet, place the paratha/flat bread and let it cook for a minute, flip and cook for a minute till you see a golden color.


▪ Spray some oil both sides and cook until golden brown.


Serve hot with accompaniments that you desire. Tastes good with curd, pickle, butter, hot tea…serve with what you like! 🙂


▪ Add salt just before making parathas else it will start leaving water
▪ Fill the paratha with the amount is stuffing that you like, some people don’t like it coming out and some like over stuffed. I overstuff and like when it comes out from sides.
▪ Make sure you parathas are brown from both sides before putting oil, to make it crisp and perfectly cooked!


Enjoy! ♡


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