Rotini with vegetables and roasted tomato sauce

This is a very simple recipe of rotini pasta, or any pasta of your choice. Rotini tends to hold the flavor of sauces within because of it’s shape. I posted a recipe of roasted tomato pasta sauce earlier, I’ve used the same sauce here. It has flavour of oven roasted tomatoes and crushed whole black peppers.


▪ 1 cup Rotini (cooked/boiled as per package instructions)
▪ 1/4 cup onion ( thinly sliced)
▪ 1 cup mix color peppers (cut lengthwise)
▪ 1/2 cup pasta sauce
(For recipe click here)
▪ 6-8 olives, thinly sliced
▪ Cheese 2 teaspoon  (I’ve used three cheese mix)
▪ Salt and pepper to taste
▪ 2 teaspoon olive oil


▪ Heat oil in a pan and add onions. Sauté for a minute.
▪ Add peppers and further sauté untill vegetables are almost done but still crunchy.
▪ Add the pasta and mix well and finally add pasta sauce, salt and pepper to taste.
▪ Add in olives and 1 teaspoon of cheese
▪ Serve hot garnished with cheese and your favorite drink!

Enjoy! ♡


A lot of people add dried herbs like oregano, but I have not used it in this particular one to retain the original flavor of the sauce and crunchy vegetables.

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