Green Pilaf

Very close to my heart, this recipe comes from my mom’s kitchen and I’ve been eating this since I was a kid! I have been making this for years now but still not as perfect as she makes!

Green pilaf (pulav) – it’s now a hit in my family too! It’s again a very simple recipe, requires little preparation before hand but requires very few ingredients.

This pilaf is with the goodness of spinach and that’s it! There aren’t too many spices or ingredients but still the flavor is just awesome! The spinach puree added just blends so well that each rice is infused with flavors that you will love. If you like rice and spinach then this one is for you too, serve with chilled plain curd and indian pickle!

I’ve always been making this in a steam cooker but this is the first time I tried in a covered pan, it just came out the way I wanted, just a little more time is required.



▪ 1 medium bunch spinach (nearly 2 cups)
▪ 1 cup rice
▪ 1 big onion, sliced
▪ 1/2 cup milk
▪ 1/2 cup yogurt
▪ 1/2 cup coriander
▪ 2 small green chillies
▪ 2 teaspoon grated ginger
▪ 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
▪ 1/2 teaspoon asafoetida
▪ 1 teaspoon butter
▪ 4 teaspoon oil/clarified butter
▪ Salt to taste


▪ Wash rice throughly and soak in milk for atleast 15 minutes.
▪ Keep the yogurt in a strainer for about 30 minutes or until the water in the curd has strained. You can use hung curd instead.
▪ Steam spinach without any water in a pan for about 5 – 10 minutes (spinach has enough moisture in it so it won’t require any water)
▪ Refresh in cold water and allow it to cool
▪ Once cooled, puree the spinach, green chillies, coriander to a paste. Adjust green chillies as per your taste.
▪ Heat oil in a pan, add asafoetida and cumin seeds and then add ginger and sliced onions
▪ Fry until light golden brown. Keep aside few rings to garnish.
▪ Once the onions are done, add rice after draining the milk, pureed spinach, green chilli and coriander mixture. Add salt to taste and mix for 4 – 5 mintues on medium to high flame
▪ Reduce the flame and add two cups of water (double the quantity of rice) and mix well
▪ Add the hung curd, butter and mix a little. Break the hung curd little.
▪ Now cover and cook on medium heat for about 20 minutes or until water has evaporated and rice is cooked. If you are using steam cooker, cook for one whistle and then lower the heat for five minutes and then turn off. Allow the steam to pass naturally.
Serve with chilled curd.

Enjoy flavors of ginger and spinach blended with rice in this Green Pilaf!! ♡


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