Eating out!

Funnel Cake

Wandering along the beach of South Carolina and other touristy spots, I saw lot of local vendors selling ‘Funnel Cake’, which was something new for me. I overpassed this many times and then finally we thought of giving it a try. I was avoiding because of refined wheat flour (i was sure about that ingredient) but then we thought of exploring the tatse.

Clueless about how it’s is made we got one cake – it was big but very warm and fresh. A little later I couldn’t believe when my husband tells me that it’s fried! No way!! A cake is not supposed to be fried- but Funnel cake is. It tasted good to me with powdered sugar, I loved the basic flavor but yeah just for a change! I wouldn’t eat it everday.

So I come back and read more about Funnel cake, it’s very famous in North America, particularly at state fairs, carnivals and specially sea side areas. It has many names and is prepared in many countries with a little bit different recipe and named differently. Surprisingly, if I talk about Indian food – the closest is Jalebi, which is almost prepared in similar way and coated with sugar syrup, though smaller in size. If I look at the ingredients, its close to basic sponge cake recipe to me. Since its made using a funnel – it’s called a Funnel Cake!


So I just tasted an American Jalebi!!

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