Quick fudge bites!!

I was keeping an eye on this recipe since sometime – ever since a fellow blogger, Jane posted it! I knew that this is something that I would love and my little one too. Little did I know that my husband will finish it so quickly that even we wouldn’t realise! It is indeed a sugary indulgence but that’s okay once in a while! Isn’t it!?

Jane posted the recipe and I’ve done little changes to her recipe as I don’t like m&m. You can find the original recipe here and ofcourse many more lovely cakes and bakes!

Jane has used mix of both white and dark chocolates along with m&m are used and you get a nice color. I only used Ghirardelli dark chocolate and few pieces of hersheys without m&m and that justifies the dark color I got.

This recipe is wonderful, simple, very few ingredients and very quick! No melting of chocolate on the gas or checking temperature – what it takes is few minutes and a microwave! Thanks again Jane for the wonderful recipe! 🙂


Ingredients (I got nearly 24 fudge cubes)

▪ 1/2 tin condensed milk
▪ 25 gm butter
▪ 250 gm dark chocolate
▪ 1 teaspoon vanilla essence


▪ Line a rectangular dish with butter paper, hanging out from the sides.
▪ In a microwave safe bowl, add condensed milk, chocolate, butter and vanilla essence and microwave for 60 seconds.


▪ Stir and microwave again for 60 seconds.
▪ It took about 3 minutes of total time for it to blend completely.
▪ Pour in the prepared lined dish and refrigerate over night or atleast 3-4 hours.


▪  I left it over night and it came out really nice.


▪ Cut into small squares or any shape you like!


Enjoy! ♡


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